This is the 9th blog of this series, before this I have created a blog from module 2 on the topic Create and manage work orders  which you can check here :MB2-877 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 FOR FIELD SERVICE MODULE 2 TOPIC – CREATE AND MANAGE WORK ORDERS

In this blog we are going to cover the last topic  “Manage incidents” from module 2:

  1. Describe incident types and incident type fields

    Incident Types are a great addition to field service, they can be utilized to group together similar types of work orders or the ones which you get frequently. By creating an incident type you can save a alot time creating a work order as they can act as a template.

    when associated with a work order they auto-populate products, services, characteristics , estimated duration etc.

    Below are typical fields captured on an incident type:   

        A. Default Work Order Type
        B. Skill / Characteristics
        C.Tasks to be performed (including duration)
        D.Required Products

        E.Required Services

  2. Create and configure incident types 

    To create an incident type, Navigate from Field Service > Field Service Settings > Incident Types:

    Click on add new and enter details such as incident type name and if you look into other tab you will option to associate a default work order type , estimate duration , product & services , characteristics etc.:

    Later you can associate this incident type to a work order which adds all options added in the incident type to the work order by creating an incident on the work order containing this as as a incident type.

  3. Add service tasks
    Service tasks makes easier for you to break down the incidents into smaller parts for example in an incident “Training” you can multiple service tasks such as “Sales Training” which might take 2 hours then you have “Marketing Training” which might take 3 hours. You have  these options available on a incident type as “service tasks”.

      A. Tasks performed by agents at a service location
      B. Check-lists for agent to follow a specific process
      C. Durations can be assigned which rolls up to the Work Order duration 

    To define service tasks for an incident type – go from field service > field service settings > incident types and open an incident type > click on Service task tab  and click on add new service task > :

    you have to capture details such as Name , Estimated Duration , Line order ( order by which the process to be followed , i.e if this service needs to be performed first say “1”).
    Apart from it you have to associate this to a “task type” that again a further categorisation of the service task – you can create a one with the same name and add it here.

    I hope I am doing well with these blogs.  by now I am very much confident that I and the people who will follow these blogs will be able to clear the certification.

    So that’s it i will see in the module 3 now “Schedule and dispatch work orders”.



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