Quick Note: Dynamics 365 CE Limitations


I often find myself struggling to get collated information on limitations on number of different component you can create in dynamics CRM.

I researched and found below link very useful, could not re-blog hence sharing them here. full credits to the owner of this content.

Dynamics 365 CE Limitations On Technet

Limitations On Creating CRM Metdata

If you don’t find anything related to Business Process Flow & Alternate Key Limitations :

  • There can be no more than 10 activated business process flow processes per entity.
  • Each process can contain no more than 30 stages.
  • Multi-entity processes can contain no more than five entities.
  • There can be a maximum of 5 alternate key definitions for an entity

Reference : Business Process Flow Overview  & Define Alternate Keys

Please note – It is strictly applicable to Dynamics CRM 365 Online, May or May not be true for other versions.

Please feel free to comment down below if you know any other limitation on any component in dynamics CRM.



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