Scribe Integration – Use Application User Or Clientid & SecretKey To Connect To Dynamics 365


Just a short blog on how you can use an application user or clientId & secret while using scribe integration for connection to Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement. 

Now we know we can very use a standard dynamics user with scribe. However, you will most likely hit the API limits. You can read about here :

The only option remains is to use an application user which allows much much more number of request in 24 hours you can make. So, if you add a connector named as  Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM in scribe, you will see below: 

So, you wont get option to use a client secret but all other option. 

Solution :
Make sure you are using the connection as Common Data Service (CDS) and post that when you connect, you will get the option:

I hope this helps!


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