Get Data sent to server on Save using Dynamics 365 CRM JavaScript | GetDataXML function

D365 Demystified

Now, in case you are working on forms in Dynamics 365 CRM, and you want to know what all data is changed – There are 2 ways to get this


Let’s look at the below scenario where this is useful –

  1. You have a record which you are about to Edit. This is how it looks as of now.
  2. Now, I have an OnSave event on which I’m calling a function to capture what all is being saved.
  3. Now, below is what I want to change and then click Save to save the changes.
  4. And then click Save. Now, I want to capture all this data upon Saving to know and further process what has been changed. Let’s see how we can achieve this using Dynamics 365 CRM JavaScript

getDataXml() method

Here’s how you will see the data to be changed

  1. Below, you see that I’m using to get…

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