How to enable Image for an entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In this blog i am going to discuss about “Image” type attribute/field in CRM and how this can be used to enable image for an entity on the form like below:



Lets see how we can achieve this:

  1. Navigate to Customization>Customize the system>Entities & navigate to the entity for which you want to enable image> go to fields > create a new field as below:2
    Give it a name and select Datatype as image – as soon as you select datatype , you will notice that Schema of the field is set to “entityimage”. Save & close
  2. Now 2nd step is to navigate to entity definition as below:3In the property ” Primary Image” – you will see the name has come , if not select it from the dropdown.
  3. Final Step is to make form changes, navigate to the form and open form editor and click on “form properties” , select the below option:4
  4. Lastly save and close the form and publish all customizations. Navigate to the entity record , you will notice an image icon is now appearing on the form.
  5. click on the image and browse the image you want to set:6
  6. After Selecting the Image click okay and you will see image is appearing now:7


I hope this helps!




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