The CRM Mailbox incoming and outgoing email field is setting to “None” Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

I had a strange issue in production ,so whenever we were doing a deployment ( reference data +solution). After the deployment the mailbox settings incoming email and outgoing is getting set to “None” rather then “Server – side synchronous or email router”.

After performing multiple steps/deployments; I  found the solution to this issue.

I use migration utility tool to export and import the reference data.

Please see below steps:

  1. Removed the default mailbox field from the queues schema, exported the data and deployed to internal test. However it didn’t work and still was taking the incoming outgoing setting from dev; hence made it none again. <field displayname=”Mailbox” name=”defaultmailbox” type=”entityreference” lookupType=”mailbox” />



2. Then I started looking these two fields (incoming and outgoing email) in the schema and found below :

<field name=”incomingemaildeliverymethod” value=”0″ />

<field name=”outgoingemaildeliverymethod” value=”0″ />


I removed these two properties and I could see it was excluded from the mailbox update.


moral of the story : queue will have so many fields dedicated for its mailbox. we have to make sure what will update what.

hope this helps



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