if you work with email templates; you might have to create a template which is to be sent from a custom entity & hence you will need field values from that entity.

Now out of the box – CRM doesn’t provide you an option to populate the field values from a custom entity.

So lets dig in and understand ; how this can be done.

1.Go to Templates from CRM settings and click on email templates ; click on “new” & in the popup select template as “Global”:


now if you notice – CRM gives you templates for individual entities as well but since we need one for custom entity – we will have to select global.

2. In the Template form, fill subject & Title.


3.In this example – i have a custom entity Loan, i would like to send email from this entity using an email template with Loan amount and customer populated. Customer is a lookup so lets do it.

Standard format is : {!EntityLogicalName:FieldLogicalName;}

for lookup values ; you would want to retrieve the name so you have to do it like below :


4. Hit save and it will be resolved:


5. now lets retrieve the loan amount which is a currency field:


6. Hit save and see the how this resolves as well:


if you have noticed – i have also inserted the current user name from out of the box feature “insert/update” from top button.

Similarly, you can do this with other fields like below :

single line of text : {!EntityLogicalName: FieldLogicalName; Default Text}

Date :  {!new_loan:new_approvaldate/@date;}
Time : {!new_loan:new_approvaldate/@time;}

Lookup : as we did above

Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@name;}

7. Now lets see our template in action ; i will go the loan entity record and insert a template:


Yay! it worked like a charm.

so , that is how it is done. Let me know if you face any difficulties.







  1. Hi Rawish!
    This is awesome and it works fine for me… except when the email is automatically sent via a workflow… in that case the dynamic values are just blank. Any ideas on this? It would be really helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Rawish,
        I’m having the same issue with Joana. Did you find anything with this?
        Thank you in advance!


      2. Hi Rawish,
        I’m having the same issue with Joana. Did you find anything with this?
        Thank you in advance!


  2. is there a way to fetch other fields from the lookup entity
    Something like this: (because when I tried this the CRM is only able to pick data for name and not any other fields for lookups)
    Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@tenure;}
    Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@interestrate;}


  3. Hey the above example is perfect.
    I had a concern of loading other values from lookup entity
    Something like
    Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@name;} //works
    Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@tenure;} //does not work
    Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@interestrate;} //does not work

    Can you help me with this


    1. Hi Vijay,

      At the moment its not supported. You can just take value of the lookup record. however cannot go inside that record to get its other field values.

      I m trying figure out if we can do something about it. I will keep you posted.


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