How to insert dynamic values from custom entities in an email template – Microsoft Dynamics CRM

if you work with email templates; you might have to create a template which is to be sent from a custom entity & hence you will need field values from that entity.

Now out of the box – CRM doesn’t provide you an option to populate the field values from a custom entity.

So lets dig in and understand ; how this can be done.

1.Go to Templates from CRM settings and click on email templates ; click on “new” & in the popup select template as “Global”:


now if you notice – CRM gives you templates for individual entities as well but since we need one for custom entity – we will have to select global.

2. In the Template form, fill subject & Title.


3.In this example – i have a custom entity Loan, i would like to send email from this entity using an email template with Loan amount and customer populated. Customer is a lookup so lets do it.

Standard format is : {!EntityLogicalName:FieldLogicalName;}

for lookup values ; you would want to retrieve the name so you have to do it like below :


4. Hit save and it will be resolved:


5. now lets retrieve the loan amount which is a currency field:


6. Hit save and see the how this resolves as well:


if you have noticed – i have also inserted the current user name from out of the box feature “insert/update” from top button.

Similarly, you can do this with other fields like below :

single line of text : {!EntityLogicalName: FieldLogicalName; Default Text}

Date :  {!new_loan:new_approvaldate/@date;}
Time : {!new_loan:new_approvaldate/@time;}

Lookup : as we did above

Optionset : {!new_loan:new_loantype/@name;}

7. Now lets see our template in action ; i will go the loan entity record and insert a template:


Yay! it worked like a charm.

so , that is how it is done. Let me know if you face any difficulties.