Welcome Screen In Dynamics CRM

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Whenever you open Dynamics CRM , you are presented with a default screen; which you can turn off. However if you have a requirement to put something when users login on the welcome screen i.e Guidelines, Important Links etc., You have multiple ways of achieving this, some are supported and others are unsupported/Not Recommended.

In this blog I am going to quickly share a very simple & supported way of managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Welcome Screen. I’m using a dashboard to show my desired welcome screen using an HTML web resource. Here is how it looks:


Lets discuss this step by step:

  1.  Disable the out of the box welcome screen, to do this
    Goto Click on Main -> Settings -> Administration.Under General Tab, Find Set whether users see welcome screen option. Click No and Ok.
  2. Create a System Dashboard with just one section in it. If you cant find that one since CRM give you options with mutiple sections. what you can do it “Save as” an existing dashboard , in my case used ” Social Engagement dashboard”
  3. This dashboard has just one big section which , there’s web resource being used. All we have to do is change its name and also use a new web resource.
  4. Create a web resource in CRM and select a type as HTML. To Generate a quick HTML i have used this website :  https://html-online.com/editor/   Its very nice and easy.
    Save your web resource and Publish it.
  5. Final step is to go to the dashboard > Double click on it and select the webresource section and click on “Edit Component”:
  6.  Now replace webresource section with your HTML web resource. Click Okay and publish all customization.
  7. Final Step is make this dashboard default for all user. To do this; select the dashboard and click on “Set as Default”:dashboard3.png
  8. Save and publish all customization and you are done. Whenever you or any user open dynamics CRM, will be presented with our custom screen like below:dashboard


I hope this helps! Obviously its a solid solution, however in terms of development efforts and Supported item for dynamics CRM, this is one of the best solution.




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