This is the 11th blog of this series, before this I have created last blog from module 3 on the topic “Manage Scheduling options”  which you can check here: MB2-877 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 FOR FIELD SERVICE MODULE 3 TOPIC – MANAGE SCHEDULING OPTIONS

In this blog we are starting with the topic – Implement the Schedule Board from module 3 “Scheduling and dispatch work orders”:

  1. Identify features and uses of the booking requirements view
    Here are some important points regarding the requirement view which you can find below when using scheduling board:


    A. Unscheduled items are displayed at the bottom of the Schedule Board in Booking Requirements
    B. Will display all unscheduled requirements for any entity that has been enabled for the universal scheduling
    C. Predefined view for unscheduled Work Orders is included as part of the Field Service Solution
    D. Additional requirement views can be defined to provide a more customized scheduling environment

  2. Implement the integrated map feature

    A. Helps determine best resource for job based on proximity
    B. Each resource is color coded for easy identification
    C. Routes are created and updated as resources are assigned jobs


  3. Manually schedule work orders

    You can manually schedule orders – Ways to manually schedule a Work Order:

    • Drag unscheduled Work Order from list view
    • Drag unscheduled Work Order from map view
    • Blocking out a spot on the Schedule Board directly
  4. Re-assign and re-schedule work order 

    for re-assigning or re-scheduling a work order a user can simply drag and drop the work order to other placeholder ( time + resource).


  5. Move incomplete work orders

    As seen above where in we have dragged and dropped a work order to other resource and rescheduled it to a different type , you can in similar way to move incomplete orders to a future date. i.e if you notice at the end of the day an order has not completed which was scheduled to be completed today, you can schedule it for available time tomorrow.

  6. Generate driving instruction for field agents 

    with your schedule board you have option to generate driving route and email your agents or get the print outs. To do this click on the work order and click on actions > Get directions:

    then click on Directions post verifying the address and click on print or email:


  7. Create additional schedule boards

    You can create new schedule board for your organization, by default each organization has one schedule board. to click a new one , click on + button and define the properties such as default views, map settings etc:


    You can create Private or Public boards.

  8. Create web resources to define custom booking rules

    Booking rules in Dynamics 365 for Field Service allow a System Administrator to create warning or error messages that users see when creating or editing a resource booking record, based on custom conditions. For example, a booking rule could be created to warn a user when they attempt to book a work order to a resource on the schedule board that doesn’t have the skills required for the job.

    Set up booking rules to validate a booking when it is created or modified.

    1. From the main menu, click Field Service > Administration, and then choose Booking Rules.
    2. On the Active Booking Rules screen, click +New in the upper left corner.
    3. Type a Name for the new booking rule.
    4. Select a Web Resource that has been previously created by the System Administrator to contain the validation logic and warning text.
    5. Enter the Method Name.
    6. Click Save.

That’s it for this blog – I will see you in the next blog.