Register Dynamics CRM App With Azure for OAuth 2.0 Authentication

In this blog, I am going to take you through step step process of registering dynamics CRM application with azure.

Why do we even need to do that?

well, If you ever need to use Dynamics CRM OAuth authentication method to be able to connect to dynamics crm using Web API, you are going to need this. follow below steps:

  1. Login to  Azure Portal  ( Use the same credentials as your dynamics crm, if it asks you to sign up and setup trial, you can do that)
  2. Once you have logged in, Navigate to the option “Azure Active Directory” and click on “App registration:

  3. Click on “New application registration”

  4. Add the name of the application and select the Application type as “Native”:

  5. In the URL field enter the URL using which you need to obtain the OAuth authentication token in response to the request from that URL ( In my case I am going to use a POSTMAN call back url : ) > click Create:

  6. It will take some and create the application for you ( Note down the Application ID , you would need it when connecting to dynamics crm using OAuth):

  7. Click on the Settings from the application created and then on Required Permissions:

  8. Now Click on add new:

  9. Then click on Select API:

  10. Select Dynamics CRM Online from Drop Down and click on select:

  11. It will move to the next step “Select Permissions“, select the “Access Dynamics CRM as organization users” option and click on Select again.
  12. Click on Done:
  13. It will take some time and add the required permissions:

    And this is it! the setup is completed , now you can use this app’s Application ID as a Client ID in your application using which you need to connect to dynamics CRM using OAuth such as POSTMAN, SOAP etc.

    I hope this helps!