Solution Import Error 0x80044150 – Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


While importing a solution I got a generic SQL error but when i downloaded the log file i saw below error:

import error1

0x80044150 – Object reference not set to an instance of an object 

I have seen this error in plugins several times but never in import but root cause and underlying issue remains the same.

The import was trying to find something which was not there in target.


There was a relationship in my solution exist as N:1 to an entity which was deleted from target system way back hence this error occurred. Using the relationship given in solution, CRM was trying to find related entity which wasn’t there.


Hope this helps.


Couldn’t import a Custom Control Default Config for ObjectTypeCode 10022 because its ‘customcontroldefaultconfigid’ already exists on the system.


When doing Dynamic CRM OnPremise deployment, you might get above error. I am not sure of the actual root cause but there are few fixes that you can apply.

In my recent blog i have showed a fix for CustomControlDefaultConfig related error :



For the above error where it talks about duplicate CustomControlDefaultConfig , you can use below method.

Use below query to find out the duplicates:

with lst as (
select CustomControlDefaultConfigId, count(*) cnt
from CustomControlDefaultConfig
group by CustomControlDefaultConfigId
having count(*) > 1
select, lst.CustomControlDefaultConfigId, cfg.CustomControlDefaultConfigIdUnique,   cfg.*
from lst
inner join CustomControlDefaultConfig cfg on cfg.CustomControlDefaultConfigId = lst.CustomControlDefaultConfigId
left join entity ent on ent.ObjectTypeCode = cfg.PrimaryEntityTypeCode


Once you have the duplicates , delete those records from this environment, export the solution again & finally try to import to other environment. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.