MB2-877 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 FOR FIELD SERVICE MODULE 1 TOPIC – Integrate other tools with Field Service

This is the 6th blog of this series, before this I have created a blog on the topic “Configure additional options”  from Module 1 which you can check here : MB2-877 MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 FOR FIELD SERVICE MODULE 1 TOPIC – CONFIGURE ADDITIONAL OPTION

In this blog we will cover up the last topic from the module 1 “Integrate other tools with Field Service

  1. Automate processes by using Microsoft Flows
    In Your field service you can very well take advantage of powerful Microsoft flows which takes traditional workflows to the next level and allows you to automate processes that span multiple systems. Here are some main points:

    a. Build process automation that span systems
    b. Visual designer to compose automations
    c. Connect to services to access data
    d. Built on top of Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
    e. Can be on demand from PowerApps or triggered by event

    To know more about them : https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/

  2. Build flows using Visual Designer
    You will have a visual designer which you use when designing a flow, in the example below you can utilize a flow for sending an exchange email when a new file is added in drobox to anyone:

    Apart from it , you get many predefined flow templates that you can use such as an approval process template , getting text messages on work order processes etc.

    You can create a flow or utilising existing ones either from the main entity bar:

    Or direcly by going to microsoft flows app by clicking on the main 365 navigation and by clicking on ‘Flows‘:

  3. Identify uses for the Twilio solution

    Twilio is an API that allows developers to make phone calls means make and receive phone calls programmatically.  It also has an interface that you can use to send and receive text messages using web service APIs. You can have the same capability using Microsoft Flow because Microsoft Flow does interact with the Twilio APIs as well to send SMS messages using Flow, but there is also a Twilio solution that can be downloaded and installed into your Dynamics 365 organization.

    So main points are:
    a. Allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

    b. Twilio has a Dynamics 365 Solution that can be installed into an organization (Requires a Twilio Account)

    Download Solution Link:


  4. Identify opportunities to integrate Glympse with the Connected Field Service solution.
    The Glympse solution is available through App Source.  If you go into the Dynamics 365 marketplace, you can download and configure the solution. Its integration that enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service experiences with live map technician view and appointment ETA.

    The Main points are :

    • Provide real-time notification to techs & customers
    • Notification sent through SMS or email
    • Uses GPS location in Field Service mobile application
    • Can be configured for voice messages
    • Available through App Source

How how these journey would like on the phone:

So, this is the last blog of the Module 1 – “Set Up & Configure Field Service” Which covers 15-20% of the certification.  We have come                  pretty much far but we have long way to go 🙂

I will see you in the next blog with new interesting module : Manage Work Order.